Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set Review

Save your plates, glasses, and home furniture from your little ones who love making sounds. Get them a drum set where they can turn their energy into music. A drum set is composed of cymbals and drums that will make good sounds together. And for the little ones, there are several models to choose from.

One good drum set is the Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set. It comprises bass drum (16” by 10”), tom (8” by 5” by 10” by 5”), floor tom (13” by 10”), snare drum (12” by 4”), and two cymbals.

It also comes with the following hardware: bass pedals, hi-hat stand, straight stands, and throne. It is constructed with multi-ply thickness, steel hardware material, traditional hoop mounts, and standard lugs.

Overall, the Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set has 5 pieces of equipment. It is a good start for the little drummer because it is a good quality drum set. It is small enough for the kids so it is easy to use and reach.

The drums are well built, strong, and can last for years. However, the cymbals seem to be of low quality so it needs proper maintenance and care.


The Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set stands out among other drum sets because of its features such as:

  • Complete essential drum set pieces
  • 16” x 10” bass drum
  • 8” x 5”, 10 x 5” toms
  • 13” x 10” floor toms
  • 4” x 10” snare drum
  • 2 cymbals
  • Multi-ply thickness
  • Steel material
  • Standard lugs
  • With throne


Customers liked it, with the following comments:

  • Solid drums
  • Small enough for kids
  • Complete, full set up
  • Good quality
  • Easy to adjust
  • Strong hold


Some customers suggested improvements on the following:

  • Low quality cymbals
  • Small throne
  • Quite expensive


This Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set is not a toy but a real drum set for promising young drummers. It is composed of drum sets and cymbals with the needed hardware such as throne, bass pedals, and stands.

Its drums are solid and are of a good quality construction and materials. However, the quality of cymbals is low so they might not last for long.

It is a pretty impressive drum set for kids but the throne might be quite small as the kids get a little bigger. Buyers complained of its expense, but it is generally an excellent drum set.

Possible alternatives

Because of the popularity of music as a hobby, and as an entertainment, manufacturers are coming up with a wider variety of drum sets. In this section, we will consider possible alternative to the Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set.

We have chosen the Gammon Percussion Full Size Drum Set, and the Sawtooth Rise Student Drum; both are of the same price range as the Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set.

The Gammon Percussion Full Size Drum Set is intended for adult use. It is composed of five pieces—drums, cymbals, stands, and sticks. It has everything an adult needs in a drum set.

It is a professional set and has a high-gloss black finish. Gammon Percussion understands the passion for percussion instruments, therefore, it manufactures high-quality drum sets like this one.

On the other hand, the Sawtooth Rise Student Drum Pack is a complete drum set for student drummers and beginners. It comes with 22 x 16” bass drum, 12 x 8” and 13 x 9” toms, 16” x 16” floor tom, and 14” x 5” snare drum.

It also has hardware such as a hi-hat stand, cymbals, a two- tier cymbal stand, bass drum pedal, throne, tom arms, and more. It comes in three colors: storm blue sparkle, pitch black, and crimson red sparkle.

When it comes to comparing the Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set, the difference is with regards to size, intended user, and hardware material included. It is perfect for kids who want to learn drums.

The drums are of a good quality and they can last for years, but the cymbals are not that good and they might not stand up to the test of time.


The Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set is it is quite expensive but the quality and strength can do justice for its cost. The drums are well made, and the whole set is complete with the essential hardware. It is a pretty good drum set for any young drummer you might know.