Stage Rocker 5pc Drum Set with double-braced hardware Reviews

As an entry level drum set, the Stage Rocker five piece Drum Set with double-braced hardware is a complete full size set for adults. This set is among the most viable drum sets suitable for both professionals and beginners.

It comes with a drum key for tuning the sound of the drums according to the desired quality output of the drummer.

The snare drum that comes with this set is sturdy and does not require assembly. Other things that come with the set are five extra tension bolts, five washers for the bass, snare drums and toms, and four tension nuts.


  • Comes with drum set in full size
  • It comes in complete set: cymbals, drum sticks, cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, snare stand, throne and bass drum pedal
  • Gives everything that you need for drumming
  • Features high gloss finish
  • With double brace hardware
  • Delivered in one box
  • Comes in black color
  • With the product dimensions of 32.3 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
  • Comes with assembly instructions
  • Upgradeable
  • With 22” x 14” lug base drum
  • 5” x 14” snare drum
  • Comes with 12” x 10” and 13” x 10” toms with memory lock
  • With 16” x 16” floor tom, 2-12” hi-hat cymbals
  • It comes with 1-14” Crash Cymbal and double-braced hardware


  • A great drum set for professional and novice who wanted to learn drumming
  • With real wood construction
  • A heavy duty hardware package
  • The snare drum does not require assembly as it comes already assemble
  • Easy to assemble
  • Produces quality sound
  • With manufacturer’s warranty
  • With high gloss finish
  • With upgradeable features


  • Not eligible for international shipping


The Stage Rocker Drum Set is a top of the line product of Stage Rocker that provides a complete set for drummers to enjoy playing without anything to ask for. It comes in a full size and produces quality sound that will surely satisfy any professional.

With real wood construction, component parts are built sturdily and each part comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. It is indeed a great entry level drum that will accommodate beginners with great experience as it supplies everything in a drum set including a drum key for tuning.

Some issues arose about the quality of the cymbal. However, since it is upgradeable the buyer may feel free to change the cymbal according to preference. Over all, this drum set is great to begin with as a novice drummer.


Aside from the Stage Rocker Drum Set, some buyers also appreciate the quality of The Gammon Percussion Drum Set and The Pearl Roadshow Drum Set. The common thing for these three drum sets is that they all come with full size instruments. Let us take a look at the features of the compared drum sets.

The Gammon Percussion Drum Set is among the best drum sets for adults who want to play professional drums. A product from Gammon, this set comes with five drums: bass drum, snare drum, floor tom and two mounted toms.

It also comes with stands, cymbals, hardware, pedals, stool, a drum key and sticks. It is everything that you need for getting started in drumming professionally.

As full line drum company, Gammon Percussion is dedicated for helping musicians experience playing music by providing them with percussions that can play in an optimum performance. The Gammon Percussion Drum Set a top of the line product that proves the reputation of the company.

The Pearl Roadshow Drum Set is best for both professional and beginner drummers because of its quality and complete package feature. Another top of the line product of Pearl Roadshow, this set boasts of a five piece drum set with cymbals which is available in four gig-ready set ups, and in addition, four durable wrapped finishes.

It is also a viable set for professionals as it features geared locking stands and a bass drum pedal that is driven by a chain. As an entry level drum kit, it comes with other necessary parts like a throne and drum key for tuning the drums.

Overall The Pearl Roadshow Drum Set is a beautiful kit and easy to assemble as it comes with an instruction manual on how to set it up.


Based on the features of the given drum sets the most viable among them is the the Gammon Percussion Drum Set for using chain driven foot pedals and featuring real wooden drums. Next is the Pearl Roadshow Drum Set for featuring double braced legs for the instrument stands.

The last but not the least is the Stage Rocker Drum Set with double-braced hardware which is still highly outstanding with its features that leverage the learning process of any beginner drummer.