What are the parts of a drum set?

Drum sets 101: What are the parts of a drum set?

Drum sets are a group of drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments. They are also called the trap set, drum kit, or simple drums. They are played by a single player with the use of drums sticks held in both hands the use of pedals operated by the feet.

These pedals control the hi hat cymbal and the bass drum beater. Aside from these, what are the parts of a drum set?

This article shows you the different parts that have unique roles complementing each other.

The standard drum kit: what are the parts of a drum set?

Most schools and popular music use standard drum kits. These kits contain the following:

Bass drum

The bass drum is played through the pedal controlled by the right foot. It moves the felt covered beater.

Snare drum

A snare drum is mounted on a stand. It is in the center of the player’s knees and played with drum sticks. It is a major drum in the drum set. It produces loud, sharp sound.

Hi hat

A hi hat is a pair of two cymbals mounted on a stand. It is opened and closed by left foot pedal and played with the drum sticks. It can also be played with the drum sticks alone.


Cymbals are mounted on a stand. They are played with the drum sticks.

The above drum set parts are categorized as the non-pitched percussion that allows the music to be scored via percussion notation.

The other components: what are the parts of a drum set?

Some drum sets is composed of more parts which included the following:


Toms are also referred to as tom toms. These are the other drums that typically provide hollow sounds at various pitches depending on the drum size.

Drum sets are usually composed of one or more suspended toms that are mounted on the bass drum top; these toms are called the hanging toms.

Toms come in different sizes: from 6 inches to 18 inches in diameter and 3 inches to 6 inches in depth. They are classified into three: the high tom, mid tom, and floor tom.

The high tom is the smallest one mounted over the bass drum. The mid tom is not usually included in a drum set. It is usually mounted on top of the bass drum beside the high tom. The floor tom, the largest among the three, is usually placed on a stand beside the drummer’s leg.


The most common types of cymbals in a starter drum kit are the crash cymbals and the ride cymbals.

The crash cymbals are mounted with the toms. They provide the loudest sound among the cymbals in a kit and they come in different sizes.

On the other hand, the ride cymbals are typically placed near or above the floor tom. They measure 18 inches by 24 inches. They provide more gentle sound wash.

One or two generic cymbals are usually included in a junior drum set. They do not have the sonic quality of full sized cymbals and are not specified to as crash cymbals or ride cymbals.


A throne is the ‘chair’ in a drum set which has just enough height to conveniently play the drum set. The traditional chairs and office stools may be too high for the drum set.

Many beginner’s drum set is composed of a throne, or if it is not, you can pick up among the wide assortment found in music stores.

Accessories of a drum set

There are different accessories of a drum set that make playing more convenient and better. These include the dampening devices, practice pads, and drum sticks.

Electronic drum sets

How about the electronic drum sets? The electronic drum sets come in more convenient sizes perfect for small rehearsal spaces.

They can be played with headphones or a very minimal volume. Their sounds is easy to control and can produce a very wide variety of drum, cymbal, and other percussion sounds.

Electronic drum sets are useful for band practicing in quiet neighborhood. They cost more than the typical drum sets.

While experienced drummers prefer to use acoustic drum sets because they provide the natural sound and playability, they also use the electronic drum sets for practices.