Sonor Drums SSE 13 Martini TGS Drum Shell Pack Review

For drummers, the most precious gift that they can receive is a brand-new drum set made with high-quality materials, one that is well crafted, and provides great sounds. This kind of drum set can be very expensive.

That is why companies are continuously creating drum set models that are affordable. But are they as sturdy as the expensive ones?

Looking into the expensive drum sets, we consider the Sonor Drums SSE 13 Martini TGS Drum Shell Pack. It is a complete adult drum set that includes 14” by 12” bass drum with mount, 8” by 8” tom tom, 13” by 10” floor tom with legs, and 12” by 5” steel snare drum.

All these are made of cross-laminated shells that provide extreme thickness and sonically pleasing resonance. It has a high-end retro emerald isle/turquoise sparkle finish and the bass drum has a natural finish.

Not included in the drum set are the hardware and cymbals. It has 9 layer, poplar shells that help it produce bright tones.

It is a small kit with a tiny bass drum making it easy to transport. It a good quality drum set for beginners that is reasonable for the price.


The Sonor Drums SSE 13 Martini TGS Drum Shell Pack is one of the best sellers in music stores today because of the following features:

  • 9-layer, poplar shells
  • Natural finish bass drum
  • Retro emerald isle/turquoise sparkle finish
  • Cross laminated shells
  • Perfect for smaller venues
  • Weighs 46 pounds
  • Steel snare drum


  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Compact size
  • Provides bright tones
  • Sonically pleasing resonance
  • Sounds amazing
  • Easy to set up


  • Expensive
  • Cymbals and hardware not included


The Sonor Drums SSE 13 Martini TGS Drum Shell Pack is pretty expensive. But its quality gives worth to its price. It has a high-quality construction that provides pleasing resonance, bright tones, and amazing sounds. It also has an expensive look with its retro emerald isle/turquoise galaxy sparkle finish.

It is a small drum set that weighs 46 pounds. So, it is easy to assemble and transport from one place to another. Because of its compact size, it is great for smaller venues.

Aside from being expensive, its one drawback is that it does not come with cymbals and hardware. Overall, this Sonor Drums SSE 13 Martini TGS Drum Shell Pack is a pretty good drum set for the price.

Possible alternatives

There are many other drum sets that can match the Sonor Drums SSE 13 Martini TGS Drum Shell Pack. In this section, we look into the possible alternatives—the Ludwig Accent Drive Drum Set, and the Ddrum Hybrid 5 Drum Kit. Both are in the same price range but the latter is more expensive.

The Ludwig Accent Drive Drum Set is a complete set with hardware and cymbals included. It has bass drum, toms, snare drum, hi hats, crash, and all needed hardware. It is a good looking drum set with a wine red color.

However, the cymbals are in the mid quality. Overall, this is a good set of drums, but the quality of sounds it provides is unknown.

On the other hand, the Ddrum Hybrid 5 Drum Kit is a pretty high-end drum set in an expensive price. It provides a wide dynamic range with superb rugged metal construction, and easy to replace transducers.

It is a fully functional acoustic drum set with excellent mechanics. It will truly give you your money’s worth it with its high-end quality.

While there are possible alternative drum sets, the Sonor Drums SSE 13 Martini TGS Drum Shell is still one of the best in the music stores today. It has a bright tone and sonically pleasing resonance because of its cross-laminated shells and 9 layer, poplar shells.

It looks expensive and beautiful too, with its retro emerald isle/turquoise galaxy sparkle.


While you might step back because of its price, the Sonor Drums SSE 13 Martini TGS Drum Shell Pack is a pretty high-quality drum set that is worth its price. All of the drums included in this set provide great sounds.

It is easy to set up, and easy to transport too. However, it could really be a perfect and complete drum set if it came with cymbals and hardware.