Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set Review

Drums are intended to last for years and withstand the beating of the player. But not all drum sets are built to last. Companies understand the huge number of people who are getting into bands and rock music.That is why there is a wide variety of drums and drum sets today. The question is: Which is the best drum set brand?For many, the Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set is a high-quality drum set built to last and provide great sounds. It offers tone and power equipped in a small format with a little bit downscaled 20” x 16” kick drum, 14” x 5.5” snare drum, and 10” x 8’, 12” x 9”, and 14” x 14” toms.Other equipment that comes with Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set are a 16”crash/ride cymbals, 14” hi hat, kick pedal, hi hat stand, kick pedal, snare stand, and straight cymbal stand. The drum throne is quite small. but works just fine.It can be easily assembled, and there’s no need for a manual. It is a good drum set for both intermediate players and beginners.


The Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set gets the most ratings for its following features:

  • Full hardware set
  • 5-piece drum set
  • Black coated
  • With stick bag
  • Cymbals included
  • Allen wrench for adjustments


At first look, it won’t promise you anything, but the Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set has a lot of advantages such as:

  • Sturdy metal
  • Snare drum holds up perfectly
  • Easy to set up
  • Pretty appearance
  • Fairly durable
  • Sounds great
  • Good value for money
  • Feels nice and sturdy


A few of the drawbacks of the Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set are:

  • Hoops look plastic
  • No instructions for assembling


This Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set does not promise you anything but when it is set up, it provides surprising great sounds and quality. Even though it does not come with a manual, the entire set is easy to assemble. The hoops look plastic, but the metal of which it is made is strong.It consists of everything you need for a drum set for a reasonable price. It is sturdy and looks good with its black-coated design.Another unique feature of Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set is it comes with an Allen wrench which is used for making adjustments. Do not expect much of its cymbals because they are not as high quality as other, much more expensive models.

Possible alternatives

The passion for rock music is high, therefore the demand for drum sets is growing too. With the number of drum sets available today, choosing which works best can be a little difficult.So, we have included possible alternatives which can be compared to the Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set—The Pearl Roadshow Drum Set, and the Mendini by Cecilio Complete Adult Drum Set.The Pearl Roadshow Drum Set is a 5-piece drum set that includes a bass drum, a snare drum, tom toms, cymbals, and hardware such as crash ride, and hybrid hats. It has professional features including a chain-drive bass drum pedal and geared locking features.All the key elements that you need are crafted in this high-end drum set. However, its price might shock you because it is one of the most expensive drum sets.On the other hand, the Mendini by Cecilio Complete Adult Drum Set is less expensive than the other two drum sets. It comes with a bass drum, tom toms, snare drum, crash cymbals, padded throne, and drumsticks.It is a handsome drum set with cross-laminated poplar shells, and black coated hoops and lugs. It is intended for players of all skill levels.There is little difference between the Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set and the possible alternatives. All three come in a complete set and are in the same price range.The Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set could be the most cost effective because it produces great sounds and it comes with an Allen wrench for making adjustments. It is easy to set up and feels nice and sturdy.


The verdict on the Ddrum D120B MB D Series Drum Set is that it is fairly good for the price. Many players are satisfied with its quality and sounds.